NEWS: Hong Leong Yamaha Launches New Website & Mobile App

Hong Leong Yamaha Motors Sdn. Bhd. (HLYM) introduces a brand spanking new website layout and a mobile application along with that.

The last change made to the corporate website by HLYM was back in 2014. Since then, times have changed and there is a need for a refreshed look. The website now comes with more interactive contents, a section to download media contents, motorsports news and many more.

Alongside with the new website, HLYM has also introduced a mobile application to ease the access of users who can now order spare parts through online directly and no longer have to go to their HQ in Sungai Buloh. This has made it much more seamless for Yamaha bike owners to look for spare parts with a quicker wait time.

It also comes with many features such as store locator. One key feature to note is the Emergency button where you will be shown the nearest dealer to your location (GPS required) when you have an emergency! How cool is that?

The mobile app is now available on App Store and Google Play Store.


EKSKLUSIF: Temubual JKR dan Roadcare – Transformasi Terowong dan Lorong Motosikal

Sekiranya anda antara ribuan pengguna motosikal di Lebuhraya Persekutuan, pasti anda tahu tentang projek penambahbaikan lorong motosikal yang telah dijalankan sejak 2016(!). Belum siap lagi projek ini, baru-baru ini kita diberitahu pula tentang projek turapan jalan berwarna di dalam terowong laluan motosikal tersebut.

Pasti ada di antara pembaca yang tertanya-tanya, “Kenapa nak cat permukaan jalan? Bukan lagi licin ke?” Ya, perkara itu turut menjadi persoalan di sidang redaksi iPantas, jadi kami cuba mencari maklumat sebenar dari pihak Jabatan Kerja Raya sendiri.

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Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn Bhd (HLYM) has updated the MT-07, themed “Dark Attraction”, and it will be available from October 2018 onwards.

The updated MT-07 does not have any changes to its 689cc, parallel twin engine that produces 74hp at 10,000 RPM and 68 Nm of torque 6,500 RPM that is mated to a six-speed constant mesh gearbox and a chain driven final transmission.

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LAUNCHED: Honda Monkey – A Classic Reintroduced

With the classic Honda Monkey from the mid 1960s, which is originally named Z50 (with several different suffixes throughout the years until late 1990s). With almost two decades off the production, Honda has re-introduced ye olde Monkey with new and modern touches to the market again mid 2018.

The Z50 was widely known as “Monkey”, coming from how the rider would look like a big-sized monkey on a small motorcycle squeezing themselves to fit the motorcycle – well not literally, it’s not a car.

Late September, Boon Siew Honda has announced the Monkey as the new line up in our local market, alongside the current Honda MSX 125 in the minibike category.

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