LAUNCHED: Yamaha Doxou Edition (UPDATED)

At Hong Leong Yamaha Motor’s annual customer appreciation day today at MAEPS Serdang, the Yamaha Gen Blu Carnival, the motorcycle manufacturer has introduced their new sports fashion motorcycle, named “Doxou”.

The introduction of the trademark expands Yamaha’s reach into the premium and sporty lifestyle segment. Showcased is also a limited edition Y15ZR and NVX155 complete with the Doxou graphics, complete with an array of fashionable apparel and merchandise dressed by sporty models. A bonus addition for the said motorcycle models, they now come with exclusive premium limited edition gift set which includes Doxou headphones, keychains, and certificates inscribed with the engine and chassis details of the motorcycles.

At the event, the manufacturer also aimed to break their Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) – they have done so with a record breaking figure of 11,836 motorcycles participating at the event.

The Gen Blu Carnival is packed with exciting new contents to uplift custom experience and satisfaction to the next level, featuring attractions as such:

  1. GRAND PRIZE: Yamaha’s iconic 900cc Street Fighter, the famous MT-09 and a mystery bike, Doxou Y15ZR, that was unveiled at the carnival
  2. Participating Yamaha riders were invited to be part of the MBOR as the largest gathering of Yamaha Motorcycles in one venue
  3. A stunt show by international duet performers on the YZF-R6 and YZF-R25
  4. Free MotoGP tickets for winners in bike simulator contest
  5. Malaysian singer and song writer, Faizal Tahir, to perform his hit songs and followed by a meet and greet session.
  6. Various carnival games and challenges with lots of prizes to be given out
  7. An array of food trucks catering to the massive turnout

The Doxou Y15ZR has been priced at RM 8,868 (basic sales price, excludes insurance, roadtax, or any other fees), while the price for Doxou NVX155, and availability of both models have not been announced at the event.

UPDATE: The price for the NVX Doxou edition has been announced. The recommended basic sales price is RM10,688.00, this excludes roadtax, insurance, and other charges.

Both models are also available at dealers nationwide with immediate effect.

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