KAWASAKI Malaysia Launches New Genuine Oil Products

Since the first introduction of Kawasaki Genuine Oil (“KGO”) last year in November, Kawasaki Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“KMMSB”) launches a new product line up with higher grade of lubricant over the Malaysian MotoGP weekend at Sepang International Circuit.

The latest products presented are Torq R7, and Torq R9, a fully synthetic four-stroke 10W-40 API-SN and fully synthetic four-stroke 10W-50 API-SN rated lubricant respectively. Both products come with 100% PAO base oil content. PAO stands for Polyalphaolefin is by far the most common major synthetic based oil used in industrial and automotive lubricant. The PAO is chemically designed to withstand high temperatures and stress without sacrificing the engine’s performance.

The KGO Torq R9 is priced at RM 78 and the Torq R7 is priced at RM 76 per bottle (1 litre).

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