I’m an owner of a 2015 ZX10R, I have not ridden any newer ZX10R model after having one of my own as I wasn’t the type that change bikes like how you would change your pants, neither was it compelling to even test ride the newer models.  This was compounded by me not being a track junkie. “Upgrading” to a newer model hasn’t been in my radar. But I do crave going around corners and windy roads, with utmost care that is.

I’ve at least tried once most of the Malaysian Peninsular so called famous corner-filled roads. To name a few, Bukit Tinggi, Genting Sempah, Semenyih-Kuala Klawang and Fraser’s Hill (the most demanding route). The road is single lane and are typically filled with cars on the weekends so you have to plod around really slow speed to get to the top of Fraser’s Hill.

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